Computing facilities
Number of computer centers with capacity of each: 03 ( 150 sq.m. each) – 60 each Total 450 Sq.m
Number and configuration of systems:  Pentium Dual Core – 147, PIV – 18,  PIII – 23 ,Others – 02  Total:190
Total number of systems connected by LAN: 40
Total number of systems connected to WAN: ---
Internet Bandwidth: 12 Mbps 256 Kbps (BSNL Netone)
Major software packages available Oracle 9i, Visual Studio, .Net2002, Adboe Acrobat Writer 5.0, Turbo C++ Suite, Norton Antivirus 2002 Ms-Windows95, Ms-Windows98, Ms-Windows98se, Ms-Windows-NT, Ms-Office XP Professional 2002, Novel Netware 3.11 server, Desktop Operating System, Upgrade Like Microsoft, Windows XP, Client Access, Licenses like for Windows 2003, Exchange Server, Share Point, Portal Server, SCOUNIX v5.0