Laboratories & Faculty
The Laboratories are spacious, innovatively designed and equipped with the best and the latest equipment available.
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
The polytechnic started the 3-years Diploma course in Computer Science and Engineering in 1994 with an intake of 40 and now present intake is 120. It has grown up to be one of the outstanding departments fully committed to the students both academically and professionally guided by the motivation of reaching far beyond the boundaries of the campus right into the hearts and minds of the surrounding community and up coming new technologies to inspire new ways of teaching, learning and discovering.

The department provides its students with the competitive edge they need to succeed in today's environment. The faculty of the department are rich with experience in various fields of computer science namely networking, image processing, artificial intelligence, programming, etc.With the objective of being responsive to needs of industries, the course goes beyond fulfilling the syllabus requirements of the SBTET,Hyderabad and offers students opportunities to work on different hardware and software platforms prevalent in industry.

The department provides facility to access the information on the latest trends and developments in information technology, Seminars, Group Discussions and Software Contests are regularly organized for the benefit of
students to face the challenges in Software field. All the computer systems are connected in Windows-98/00/Xp/03 environment with 533 MHz to 1.7 GHz Pentium III and IV processors and latest legal software. The Computer Center is also having internet facility for the use of students and staff. All the laboratories are fully air conditioned and provided with State of the Art seating facilities.
Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
pics Communication is the essential part of life of modern era playing major roll in globalization having Electronics as plat form. Department has fully equipped, well established laboratories with a wide range of sophisticated equipment to cater to the growing needs of modern trends. Various Labs that cater to the needs of students are 1. Communication Lab (Analog & Digital) 2. PDC & IC Lab 3. TV Lab Lab (Computer Lab) 4. EDC Lab 5. Microprocessor & Micro Controller Lab 6.DE Lab 7.Wiring Lab
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)
Electrical & Electronics are one of the wide, deep and most challenging subjects with new trends and technologies coming up every day. Various Labs of the department are well established to cater the needs of students are 1.Network Lab
2. I.C., Pulse & Digital Circuits Lab
3. Electronic Measurement Lab
4. Power Electronics Lab
5. Micro Processor Lab
6.Auto CAD & IT Lab and load flow studies.
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
pics One of the most exciting subjects in diploma is Mechanical Engineering. It demands great efforts to be successful. And we provide every facility to the students to put in the best and excel. Impart balanced curriculum covering a major fields of Mechanical Engineering
Production Engineering           Thermal Engineering
Design Engineering                 Industrial Engineering
Well-established Lab:
1.Fuel Lubricants
2. Basic Workshop
3.T.E. Lab.
4. Heat Transfer Lab A.C RepairLab
5. CAD / CAM